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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Rick Bayless’ French Kiss Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-06-26T14:09:57Z 2009-06-26T14:09:57Z There’s something really creepy about this latest Top Chef mutation…….

These are supposed to be serious chefs…who run successful business enterprises….assuming that’s the only way to keep the restaurant magic alive……….

Yet for what must be a weird combination of promoting their respective reputations, restaurants, and ego, they participate in what seems more and more to be the culinary version of “High School Musical”.
Wilo, the Puerto Rican guy is over-salting everything with well placed tears while plugging his charity, while the French genius acts like he was snatched from central casting with the accent, the petulance, and the bete noirish routine.

Chef Pawlcyn’s modesty played well off the male prima donnas, but she tripped up on her assumption that the public can’t appreciate seasoning. If Menudo is supposed to exorcise a hangover, it figures that the soup must be seasoned enough to get one’s attention. the first time eater should get that introduction.

As for Bayless….fantastic, creative chef…but this performance came off like he was playing a community theater version of Joseph with the colorful coat. About half way through the show I was rooting for his brothers to throw him in the pit and sell him to the slave traders on the road to Egypt.

Ms. Choi, the Asian Calista Flockhart host can’t eat if she wants to maintain that linquine physique. The judges are a strange group. I like the British guy…he at least talks about the damn food. The Saveur fellow is a wannabe. Ms. Greene should take her hat(s) off inside unless she’s channeling a member of the morning minyan at the local schul.

By: purplish reign « news from the flip front purplish reign « news from the flip front 2009-06-25T16:23:24Z 2009-06-25T16:23:24Z [...] before joining Nite (@nite_kong) to watch “Top Chef Masters” (read Hungry’s recap here). Rick Bayless (@rick_bayless)totally won, and it was awesome. Especially since it seemed to piss [...]

By: send9 send9 2009-06-25T15:01:55Z 2009-06-25T15:01:55Z Watching Ludovic Lefebvre was like watching a slow-motion train wreck. A very cocky, arrogant train wreck.