30 Seconds on Top Chef Masters: This wine tastes likes tears edition.

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1- If Graham Elliot Bowles’ style is punk rock, then what does that make Michael Carlson of Schwa? Speed Metal?
2- Frying an egg is molecular gastronomy, FYI.
3- If the camera puts on ten pounds, is Kelly Choi invisible in real life?
4- I am Suzanne Tracht. I am a zombie robot sent by my children to talk about my children.
5- Wylie seems to have some anger-management issues.
6- Nothing says Top Chef Masters like Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
7- Gael, there’s nothing “chemical” about sous vide.
8- Suzanne Tracht earns the right to lose to Rick Bayless (who talks smack next week by saying “What does a French guy know about quesadillas?”) in the finals.

8 Comments on "30 Seconds on Top Chef Masters: This wine tastes likes tears edition."


Slow-poaching an egg in an immersion circulator is not exactly frying it…

Michael Nagrant

I wasn’t referring to Wiley’s cooking method. Basically saying that “molecular gastronomy” is a bad term, because all gastronomy is basically molecular. Anytime you change a state of matter, i.e. cook a runny egg into a solid one, on a molecular level, something is happening…in this case the proteins on the egg are unwinding. I just think people should stop using the term.


I think Graham Elliot Bowles and Michael Carson need to headline a Lollapalooza-like festival only for food. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea.

I liked that Elizabeth made cookies while they waited for the judges to deliberate.

I think Wylie got rattled by the first challenge and just never recovered. Also, he and Graham should do a food on the road show. Only funny and watchable (unlike the Mario Batali/Gwyneth Paltrow PBS show).

I can’t wait for Bayless’ smack-talking next week. Can’t wait!

Barry I. Strum

Incredible: less substantive than the amateur version !!

Pass the Ricearoni please.


nice spoiler in number 8 there.

Barry Strum

The winner might have benefited from some discernible affect. $10,000 to her favorite charity plus a truckload of Zoloft.


Rick Bayless draws a quesdilla challenge? Man, if he loses that he better hide out.


Nothing chemical about sous-vide except the plastic. Or would that be molecular?


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