30 Seconds on Top Chef Masters: Tim Love Drinks a lot Edition

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1- I’ll never recognize Gael Greene because of her sneaky hat disguises.
2- Is Jay Rayner Marco Pierre White’s long lost twin?
3- It’s really scary how Kelly Choi over-annunciates exactly like Padma.
4- Seriously, even the Top Chef Masters are retards – dude watch the show. For like 10 seasons they have been doing dessert. If you don’t know how to make a great dessert by now, go home.
5- Tim Love is an alcoholic. And yeah, we get it dude, you’re just an aww-shucks boy from Texas.
6- The chicken fried strawberry negates the fact that nothing says 1984 like chocolate covered strawberries.
7- Is GE Monogram gonna be pissed that their logo got flashed when the cakes weren’t baking?
8- In this case, some of these chefs really are getting schooled by little girls.
9- Yo, my dorm room didn’’t have a shiny stainless steel toaster oven and microwave.
10- This Michelob Light is for you Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller.
11- These judges are almost reverent of these dudes. I almost miss Toby Young.
12- Cooking competition rule #1: Never cook risotto
13- Hubert Keller wins. I was pretty certain of this halfway through the episode.

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1. I can’t wait to see Gael’s hat next week.

2. Anxiously awaiting Chicago cheftestants in upcoming episodes.

3. Kelly Choi = “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Padma!”

4. I for one do *not* miss Toby Young.

5. Nobody thought it would be funny to make ramen noodles for the dorm challenge? Break out the hotpots!


Good points.

I’m pretty sure any and all electric appliances are illegal in conventional dorm rooms.

Keller was really feeling the love with the dorm food cooking.

I have to agree, Love’s hitting the sauce to quell his nerves before cooking for girl scouts was a little disturbing.

Hubert Keller will have no problem setting the bar and living up to the “Master” moniker.


What nothing on Hubert’s DJ dreams?

Barry Strum

Can you say “underwhelming” boys & girls?

One would hope that with active, well-known chefs, the producers would cut back on the running around, summer camp games, and all the background commentary over personal insecurities. I suppose the cost conscious creative accountancy department at Bravo wants to cut and paste as much of the standard and still stupid reality template as they can to very new take that comes down the pike. They’ve even retained the melodramatic sound bites to suggest humiliation is just around the corner…even for these seasoned [sic] contestants.

Bottom line…..the show is a product placement war between GE Monogram and Lexus. Accordingly, expect a quickfire challenge to be preparing a full course meal while dragging around the expressway in an RX350.

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Tim Love is what he is. He’s a Texan, he’s proud of it, he drinks a lot, and he makes a lot of complex, refined, interesting food in his restaurant. It may come off as an act, but I think it’s really his genuine personality. I’ve eaten at the Lonesome Dove and can attest to the fact that he’s a world-class chef, even if he’s an aw-shucks type of guy.

Michael Nagrant

Yeah I don’t disagree. It’s just his TV persona came on as over the top, as they sometimes do.



Yeah, he definitely plays it up, I don’t disagree with that. And some of the food that night probably was not the best representation of what he does either. He was on Bizarre Foods - Texas recently and I think that shows him off a bit better. So does Iron Chef America - Battle Chilies, during which he takes multiple shots of whiskey and wears a cowboy hat the whole time, further proving your point ;)

Michael Nagrant

I mean if I went on TV, I’d probably be compelled to pick a fight with Anthony Bourdain and Jeffrey Steingarten, maybe something about them being curmudgeonly blow-hards, just for fun.


As a former Girl Scout, I would just like to express pride in the girls for not letting the chefs off easily (and for referencing two varieties of GS cookies in their critique…way to go!). And that redhead was a disturbing flashback to the hypercritical snob I was at her age. Of course, I think she’s awesome.

Barry I. Strum

Waylon said it best:

“Mamas, don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboy chefs”


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