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Comments on: We Were Only in it for the Fried Clams All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Barry I. Strum Barry I. Strum 2009-03-14T19:01:12Z 2009-03-14T19:01:12Z This is turning into a cluster shuck.

Getting ferklempt….

discuss among yourselves as a decent segue…..

Clam Chowder: New England vs. Manhattan


By: wickedorchid wickedorchid 2009-03-14T03:03:24Z 2009-03-14T03:03:24Z I’m telling you any mention of a strip clam… It’s like on the 3 stooges when someone said “Niagra Falls, slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch”.

I am just relieved that you’ve had the real McCoy.

I wonder if Uncle Chub himself would even care - probably after a few shots he wouldn’t.

By: ab ab 2009-03-12T20:37:38Z 2009-03-12T20:37:38Z pretty sure wickedclam, defender of the clam bellies, didn’t bother reading the article - or else is just didn’t get the gene that allows for reading comprehension (often the case on the internet).

By: Barry I. Strum Barry I. Strum 2009-03-12T15:46:11Z 2009-03-12T15:46:11Z Jeez…….perhaps I owe an apology and a clarification.

The story was more about food framing good times and memories than the food itself. What would a nine yr old know about one clam from another? Had the events taken place in the vicinity of Essex, Mass or the Clam Shack in Connecticut..had that been my reality, I’m sure the clams may have been better but the story would have been no different.

As a kid I gathered mussels for one use…bait. Today I buy them, prepare the lot, bring out a fresh baguette, and sit down with friends to enjoy one of life’s simple culinary pleasures.

I think I heard that Ho Jo ran off with Mrs Paul awhile back. Things change.

By: wickedorchid wickedorchid 2009-03-12T01:00:13Z 2009-03-12T01:00:13Z JB - Iove you for understanding my wacko rant.


I just hate for people to never have appreciated the real McCoy.

Imagine for a moment

The only burger you ever had was from BK.

The closest thing to a Filet that you’d eaten was a Steak’um

The only Milkshake you’ve had was a yahoo.

Ah, beancounters running restaraunts…..

By: Anonymous Anonymous 2009-03-11T18:09:06Z 2009-03-11T18:09:06Z it must have been a father thing because even though my father died when I was 13 of a heart attack(not due to the fried clams, although it probably didn’t help) but stopping at HoJo’s for fried clams was one of the things he loved to do and that I remember doing with him or just stopping at HoJos’s period. One of our family rituals growing up in Connecticut was going to a place called the Clam Box where the fried clams were SOOO BIGG and appetizer choices were a glass of tomato juice, a fruit cocktail, or a shrimp cocktail. But there is nothing like the big belly of a clam fried with tartar sauce. You just don’t get those big clam bellys unless they are the real thing!!!!!!!


By: wickedorchid wickedorchid 2009-03-11T03:56:37Z 2009-03-11T03:56:37Z KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE HO JO’s FRIED CLAMS. My great, great uncle Chubby invented the fried clam on a drunken bet with some pals in Essex Mass. They are supposed the be fried WITH the bellies on. And are tender, delicious, sweet, juicy bites obf riney yumminess. You poor folks who have dined on clam strips all over the country are missing out.


Could you foodies please do a taste test between the real McCoy and the dread strips? I try to get the whole clam frid down here in FL and am usually informed that the clam bits that they fry are frozen.

Sorry about the rant. But jeez!