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Comments on: Top Chef Finale Live Blog/Abducted by Twitterati All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Iron Stef Iron Stef 2009-02-28T17:03:54Z 2009-02-28T17:03:54Z If ever a rematch was called for it is now. Surely winning by default isn’t satisfying to anyone?

No one will be happy til Carla gets the title.
I will say, when ever have we heard the finale sous chef suggest anything!???!?!

It was all down hill when Fabio left. For me it won’t be season five, it will be Season Fabio.

By: JB JB 2009-02-27T02:56:10Z 2009-02-27T02:56:10Z My thought as to Hosea winning, who was the winner of Season 2, what was his name, not Marcel….well that is was is going to be the memory of this season…I will just remember that it was not Stefan but what was the name of that chef who won???

By: Barry I. Strum Barry I. Strum 2009-02-26T13:23:38Z 2009-02-26T13:23:38Z Once again, the Top Chef production/creative brain trust falls on its collective ass. Enough with the returning wannabee Top Chefs…….has it not occurred to anyone that these folks all got eliminated? That being the case, what’s the value of their advice? Seems like not very much. Each finals runner-up alumnus either gave blatantly bad advice (someone sell Carla a truckload of aluminum siding already), pouted (Panzerboy’s AXIS buddy) or made a big show with little result (nitrogen-infused matzoh balls Richard???)

The insider info: (1) Stefan has been sent back to the Eastern Front (2) Carla has signed a lucrative contract with Microsoft to be the model/inspiration for their new kitchen/cooking software, in which she’ll be the “Kitchen Assistant” who appears in the top right corner of the desktop, ready to offer advice, do a search or inject some love into a recipe. (3) Hosea, among other perks, inherits the esteemed mantle once occupied exclusively by the late Orson Welles as the official pitchman for Paul Masson’s cheap California jug wines.
(4) Tony, whose criticism this season always sounded strangely like a guy making plea for a price reduction after a bad encounter with a call girl, goes back to London as the Times’ lead offal restaurant reviewer (5) Next season is Top Chef Scranton, in which the first quick challenge requires the contestants to come up with a birthday party menu judged by the social committee members at Dunder Mifflin

By: G G 2009-02-26T06:04:57Z 2009-02-26T06:04:57Z I’m just disgusted. Hosea, the man who thinks it’s more important for food to look good than to taste good is Top Chef? Oh, the humanity.

By: send9 send9 2009-02-26T04:50:07Z 2009-02-26T04:50:07Z WHY did Carla let herself get talked into sous-vide and souffle? As you’ve said, she was playing right into Tom’s sweet spot, but apparently decided it was OK to abandon her personality and rebel against her formula for success tonight. I’m not sure she would have won either way, but that was a bad call.

By: Hoogieats Hoogieats 2009-02-26T00:17:44Z 2009-02-26T00:17:44Z i have looked forward to your post-game all season Michael, cant wait for tonight. Who would have thunk kooky Carla hootie=hoo would be alive & the fave. she so crazy!!!