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Comments on: Guy Talk All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: craig thornton craig thornton 2009-02-27T20:35:30Z 2009-02-27T20:35:30Z having an in n out does rule. whats even worse though is when you go to a place that is known for its burgers that is more upscale serving the wagyu burgers and whatever and they clearly miss the dmn mark by a longshot. the main problem is these idiots (and i prefer to call them that because these idiots get write ups all the time about how amazing they are) refuse to actually cook and by cook i mean when you get a burger with blue cheese and caramelized onions, then properly season and caramelize the fu?%*@g onions man, if you serve roasted tomato season the damn things. everything that goes on should be seasoned properly period, most every place will put some bullshit seasoning on their burger and expect that to compensate for the whole thing. and if you are going to put sauce on it don’t just smear a tiny bit on to where it does nothing but give you the extra calories, the beef can stand up to your aioli believe it or not (recently i paid 22$ for a burger and i asked if i could have a side of aioli because the chef clearly put none on and the waiter came back and said the chef purposely does this as to not cover up the meats flavor, hmmm but the mother fu^$@! cooked my burger well done and didnt season it) sorry for ranting here but i am so fed up with going and paying for these pricey burgers with their burger “chef” who doesnt know how to use salt vinegar or sugar properly. til then i will stick to in n out, they are consistently the best and literally 1/10th the price.

By: RevDave RevDave 2009-02-23T23:56:35Z 2009-02-23T23:56:35Z I enjoyed my burger quite a bit. Although I went to the Lincoln Park location on Clyborn. It wasn’t the best burger ever but its as close as I can get to an In N Out burger around these parts.

Kumas still has the best burgers in the city hands down but for quick grill style burgers 5 Guys isn’t so bad at all. Sorry you had such a rotten experience!

By: Art Art 2009-02-20T16:09:22Z 2009-02-20T16:09:22Z Tood from Florida may be onto something. In DC and VA, the burger meat isn’t pressed into a flavorless submission at all and is in fact better than the other chains in the area.

Their burgers may not compare to places like Ray’s Hell Burger in VA, In-N-Out, or Cheeseburger Baby in Miami, but it makes for a very good Tier-2 burger.

By: pants pants 2009-02-19T16:04:36Z 2009-02-19T16:04:36Z Man, so disappointing for something that looks so pretty! Sort of like Jeff McInnis.

By: Mike G Mike G 2009-02-19T04:23:55Z 2009-02-19T04:23:55Z I think I ate at Five Guys in Arlington VA back when it was the only one, and a few times since then when it was just a DC chain. I was a bit shocked to learn that there are now 2 or 300 of them around the country. My feeling about it then was, impressive commitment to quality, a certain lack of personality, but for the price, a very good burger.

I’ve eaten at two of them recently– the Clybourn one and one in Wisconsin– and the Clybourn was very close to my memory of DC, high quality, slightly generic. The Wisconsin one was like 80% of that, with a dollop of Hardee’s mixed in. So I do think the franchises are variable (or hell, the days of the week are variable) but I’ll tell you, having eaten so many frozen hockey puck burgers in Chicago over the years, the appeal of fresh-ground beef, even if cooked only half as well as it should be, is pretty obvious.

The fries are definitely overrated, though. Better exist all over town, though of course, worse exist even more all over town.

By: Todd Todd 2009-02-19T03:01:30Z 2009-02-19T03:01:30Z It sounds like to me you may have gotten a bad franchise. I’m in Florida, and the Five Guys burgers near me resemble in no way what you’re describing. Flavorful, not pressed to death, juicy, and properly assembled so the juices can flow down through the condiments. I’ll grant you the lamenting the lack of anything beyond well done - I prefer it significantly less so.

Don’t judge all Five Guys by that franchise, though. Unless I’ve just been really lucky and scored a winning one.