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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Pablo Escolar Takes out Jamie All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: anonymous anonymous 2009-02-06T19:58:42Z 2009-02-06T19:58:42Z carla aka side show carla is just nuts and almost unbearableto watch. and the rest of the show is just plain ol rigged and overproduced. once was a good show. now just predictable and hokey..

By: jackie jackie http://hungrymagazine 2009-02-06T02:31:03Z 2009-02-06T02:31:03Z Go Carla, she is crazy enough to win! I hope she gets fan favorite!!

By: Chicken Fried Gourmet Chicken Fried Gourmet 2009-02-06T01:14:18Z 2009-02-06T01:14:18Z I think this competition is Stefan’s to lose and I actually liked Jaimie. I did find it odd that the judges were falling all over themselves on Ripert’s cooking ( as they should be) but a few episodes ago they were griping about a dish that had a broth with fish.

By: Barry I. Strum Barry I. Strum 2009-02-05T13:23:20Z 2009-02-05T13:23:20Z This episode was a great sleight of hand……take a bunch of reality show cooking contestants who up to now have not shown squat about food insight, theory, etc. Take them to an iconic NYC restaurant run by a superstar chef with a central casting French accent, show them around the kitchen, and then assign them each to prepare a menu item that they’ve seen/tasted. Add what appears to be rather esoteric discourse among at least some of the judges, a bit higher give & take between judges and competitors, and one is tempted by the illusion that there is truly something going on here that merits serious attention. Of course, the TV moguls can’t resist throwing the melodramatic curve ball at the end by leaving Princess Leah alive to see another day. Both she and Jaimie appeared to prepare dishes that were disasters…both should have been canned in an impromtu “daily double”…but the Princess can’t seem to muster up much insight or candor during the critique. She may, however, actually be at the cutting edge of pioneering a new, innovative form of culinary craft…Nihilist Cuisine.

As we continue the blitzkreig toward the Martin Bormann Bistro, it seems to this viewer that Fabio has emerged as the best of the lot….most involved with the food, most personable, most human. The others are all action figures.