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Comments on: For the Love of Cookbooks All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Laurence Laurence 2009-02-03T23:36:27Z 2009-02-03T23:36:27Z @Danielle: It isn’t just you. Bittman always strikes me as way too pleased with himself.

Meanwhile, our copy of James Beard’s American Cookery has to be the most beaten-up cookbook we own. It should be in every cook’s library. We’ve even given it as a wedding present.

By: ab ab 2009-02-03T17:23:43Z 2009-02-03T17:23:43Z Bittman can be tough to nail down - sometimes I love his recipes and simplicity, other times he butchers a timeless classic with absurd minimalism. He’s somewhat like Cooks Illustrated (who once claimed that chicken stock needn’t include carrots or celery) - often helpful, but never seminal.

I really enjoy the Slow Italian book by Goldstein, fantastic recipes. Soul food!

By: Danielle Danielle 2009-02-02T19:23:35Z 2009-02-02T19:23:35Z Love your article. I have also been collecting cookbooks for some 20 years and am nearing about 700. I find their presence a comfort some how. The references you have made to the volumes in your collection seem to mimic mine to a tee. I don’t have all 24 in the Time-Life Series yet but I too have never paid more than 2 bucks for any one of them.
I have reluctantly started handing some, not many, of my collection down to my sons who are both working toward culinary careers. Wonder where they got that from? Hmmm.
I have to agree with you whole heartedly concerning Batali’s books. I stupidly purchased the Spain romp and was so pissed I actually returned it. I have never returned a book of any kind let alone a cookbook.
Bittman’s okay but I get a large amount of arrogance wafting from those simple recipes of his but that could just be me.
Thanks for the trip down cook book memory lane! have a great week.