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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Monkey Ass Filled with Fried Banana Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Michael Nagrant Michael Nagrant http:// 2009-02-02T20:48:11Z 2009-02-02T20:48:11Z Very valid point. He should have. I like to think that Ditka’s heart is still in Chicago.

By: J-town J-town 2009-02-02T20:21:36Z 2009-02-02T20:21:36Z I don’t know why Ditka would ass-whup for Radhika wearing a Saints jersey when he, well, worked for the Saints himself.

Did he ass-whup himself?

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-02-02T13:19:09Z 2009-02-02T13:19:09Z I DVR’d “Chopped” over the weekend. Frankly, I see it as the arena football of cooking shows.

The script, personalities, and even the host’s verbal delivery are clearly derivative of “Iron Chef”. Allen can’t back flip up the center cooking counter and bite into a bell pepper the way the Chairman’s nephew can, but he’s asking pretty much the same questions with somewhat subdued gestures.

The contestants are junior varsity. True, they’re less effusive than the musical theater-type cast assemblages on “Top Chef”. They’ve got considerably less time to devote to back-biting, what with the 15 nanosecond braising assignments. The do, however, find time to let us know that they each have deep commitments to the food, farm, form, and freshness.

The “panel”…..second string. Anna Maria Whatshername seems to be on every panel. Look for her on “Popeil Gourmet” soon airing on a infomercial near you.

True….there is a hint of food discussion. Attacks are less venal and personal. The commentary is actually restrained. No one apparently has the temerity to question the logic involved in the assigned ingredient baskets. That might be valuable.

In the absense of all the dry ice and hysterical war cries, “Chopped” is just that…..somewhat less than the whole.

I give it one season.

By: send9 send9 2009-01-30T19:54:23Z 2009-01-30T19:54:23Z Chopped is O.K — it’s entertaining, it focuses on the food and you’ll see something interesting every once in a while. But because they have to cook the dishes in such a short period of time, the show suffers from the same problem as all of these 20-minutes-to-cook type Top Chef challenges. The chefs are WAY out of their element and don’t have the time to really get creative. Still, I would recommend watching it if it’s on.

By: MBS MBS 2009-01-30T15:21:24Z 2009-01-30T15:21:24Z Is that show chopped any good? Id like to know what you guys think.

I like your 30s Top Chef rundown, its hilarious every week! Good stuff.

By: G G 2009-01-29T16:52:57Z 2009-01-29T16:52:57Z This episode felt blatantly rigged. The only good thing about it was watching Stefan get humiliated by Andrea. I’ve given up on caring about the food…the contestants sure have.

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-01-29T14:05:56Z 2009-01-29T14:05:56Z Someone actually mentioned food on this one.

Poor Jeff: He’s been talking to himself about the same issue since the first episode and still couldn’t resolve things. He belongs back on “House”.

Super Bowl motiff was a bust…..perhaps more telling about the Super Bowl than Top Chef…nah, it was a tie.

What’s with all the alumni reunions? I thought the alumni voting technique was particularly insightful…the giant foam finger….how discerning…….and lame

I’ve been to better birthday parties as a kid….

Top Chef Producer Brain Trust: Find another event/holiday ……….Watch for the big Purim Special with prunes as the [sic] quickfure ingredient.

Yes, Bormann’s Bistro seems destined to be a reality. I’m looking for Stefan to blitzkreig to the finish.

By: pants pants 2009-01-29T07:16:35Z 2009-01-29T07:16:35Z I sense the hand of the producers in this decision. If Fabio weren’t so damned entertaining, I think he’d be gone. At this point, he’s the reason I’m still watching this sad shell of what used to be a great TV show. Well, that and the addiction.