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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Restaurant Wars All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-01-27T14:48:25Z 2009-01-27T14:48:25Z Ah, #6………this guy Hosea would make a Jewish mother from central casting proud with all his guilt over whatever groping he did with Princess Leah. He’s worried his girlfriend might find out, so he ponders the issue in front of millions of TV viewers.

Guilt threshold(s)…….you kissed a goat and regret it. That justifies some guilt….. unless perhaps you’re a shepherd. You mistreat raw liver…….guilt or homage to a literary master.

No wonder this guy is so sloppy and rattled. Get over it Hosea……go de-glaze a pan or something. Worry about building a good fond rather than being found out.

By: clay h clay h 2009-01-26T22:00:56Z 2009-01-26T22:00:56Z #6 made me laugh out loud…

By: anonymous anonymous 2009-01-24T00:29:45Z 2009-01-24T00:29:45Z yes, i agree with barry. this is not a show dealing with serious chefs or food. that’s not the point anymore. yes, some are real chefs. but the producers goal is entertainment. i think what makes me,a chef, irate with this show now, is that if it is purely entertainment, then why do we take them so seriously? especially the media. local media here in chicago jumps all over it. no disrespet but the chicago contestants, present and past are no better a chef or really deserve the spotlight just because they were on a show. and really just a game show or competition. yet we garner them with the likes of “real high caliber” chefs that deserve just as much, or in my opinion, more attention. let’s just leave this show as it is. it’s entertainment. a cooking soap opera…

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-01-23T15:07:12Z 2009-01-23T15:07:12Z Can you say “stressed” boys & girls? Leah sure can…to the point of pain. Taker a Darvon and get over it.

Aside from the word’s cliche value, there is some element of truth lying around this show….Stress for stress’ sake? After all, this isn’t Army OCS or Marine basic training. At the proverbial end of the day, the goal here is to harass a bunch of chef wannabees….an experience they would normally (an I suggest more constructively) get at a first job under a high strung, culinary egomaniac. However, the ultimate product of all that would hopefully be better food for the customers on the other side of the kitchen door.

On this show, the survivors live to get to the next quickfire challenge where they have 60 seconds to abuse a Hubbard squash or a radish.

Forgive me, but who is the guy in black? Yes, they said he was a grande restauranteur…… what was the Johnny Cash meets John Gotti thing all about? He had little to offer. The little Brit gargoyle hopefully has a limited contract. He brings even less to the table. The real chef is frustrated….either scripted or in reality.

The show is to my mind, not much about food. No one really asks these competitors how/why they make decisions. There’s no real opportunity to express ideas about food other than an occasional toss of the usual, tired lines…”fresh, flavor, local, organic, respect the meat (what, are we supposed to say Kaddish over each serving of hanger steak?), fusion (how easy it is to bring disparate cultures together with a sprig of cilantro and some soy……we should see some product/brand placement for the State Department) blah, blah, blah.

So, is it watchable? Sure…it’s solely entertainment, not educational. Is it more interesting than the stupid wife swapping show or the biggest loser ordeal? A lot less queasy. Does it top the bachelor/bachelorette hunting? Close. The only thing that I think tops this for pure camp was the reality show centered on the day to day vulgarities of the bail bondsmen family on Long Island. Now THAT was a show !! A high speed collision between “The Shield” and the “Real Housewives of Tony Soprano’s suburban New Jersey subdivision”

The show has turned the corner. Down the stretch I expect the skinhead Austrian guy to take all the marbles and invest the $100K in his dream, Martin Bormann’s Bistro.

By: anonymous anonymous 2009-01-22T23:12:30Z 2009-01-22T23:12:30Z this whole season is a joke. underqualified cooks. no real talent. if stefan is the best this season’s got, then this show has taken a step back to the 90’s in a very boring way. yes, his technique is good. but really all kind of boring food. and radhika is just not ready or has even seen enough to be qualified as any kind of chef. carla is just a joke. drawn out of some mental comic book. and leah cares more about getting laid than actually putting any passion or focus into her food. the whole season is like watching a bunch of rookie culinary students…

By: Best of the Buzz : Top Chef News Elsewhere: Restaurant Bores, Amused Bouches Best of the Buzz : Top Chef News Elsewhere: Restaurant Bores, Amused Bouches 2009-01-22T21:24:53Z 2009-01-22T21:24:53Z [...] – Fabio looked like Tony Montana in that suit. [Hungry Mag] [...]

By: pants pants 2009-01-22T16:20:37Z 2009-01-22T16:20:37Z I’m pretty much done with Radhika, Carla, and Leah. Any one of them could have been booted off and I’d have been content. In fact, I’m pretty discontented that they weren’t all booted off last night.

I was convinced they were going to send Carla packing because of the hideousness of the desserts, and the “sending the love” thing, but in retrospect, I’m not surprised that they went the way they did. Ultimately, they know that Carla can put together a good dessert, because she’s done it before. Radhika really dropped the ball in several ways, and proved that she’s not really ready for the big time yet.

By the way, I do think the judges were a little too harsh on Carla’s initial “sending the love” comment. I understood what she meant. Basically, she was saying, “Hey, the freezer didn’t work, and it was not salvageable. I knew I was drowning, so what the fuck good would it have done anyone for me to be morose about it? If I’m gonna go out on this, I’m gonna go out having fun.” I don’t think it took on a creepy, weird vibe until the judges started getting on her about it.

And, can I just say… I really don’t give a crap about the Real World-type house antics. I don’t want to see it. I understand why they showed it, since it seemed to have a big impact on the chef’s performances, but really… no more, please.

Thees ees Top Chef, not Top Skanks & Man Hoes!

By: Jasmine Jasmine 2009-01-22T16:02:36Z 2009-01-22T16:02:36Z 1. Okay so it wasn’t just me who was looking askance at the frozen lamb shanks Jaime picked out? Judges seemed to like it okay.

2. Sunset Lounge sounds like a soap opera, not a restaurant.

3. Hosea and Leah don’t entertain me as much as Stefan and Fabio do. Milli Fusilli 4-EVA!

4. Radhika has been looking fragile for the last few eps. It was probably best that she got booted.

5. Sideshow Carla cracked me up then confused me with her talking about sending love out into the dining room. Why send love when what your customers want is some motherf*cking dessert?

6. I am really looking forward to next week.

By: jesse jesse 2009-01-22T06:01:43Z 2009-01-22T06:01:43Z waiting every week for the food on this show to get better but it just keeps getting worse what a shit show…….