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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Cook Worse than Sandra Lee Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: send9 send9 2009-01-18T02:34:56Z 2009-01-18T02:34:56Z I think DARKS is a product placement.

By: Darks Darks 2009-01-17T04:34:47Z 2009-01-17T04:34:47Z I might have to somewhat disagree and say this was the BEST show yet. This Toby guy was an amazing addition. In fact, if you rewind the episode to one of the farm scenes can see th pink faced Toby running off in the background with one of those cute little piglets. And to think that he had a problem with Arian tenderizing the meat?? Are we really having to ask ourselves these questions while watching this show? Nursery rymes to hard core beastiality! The new face of Food TV! This is friggin’ hilarious!

By: Chicken Fried Gourmet Chicken Fried Gourmet 2009-01-16T01:31:42Z 2009-01-16T01:31:42Z I agree with all of the above, this season seems to be lacking a certain something. The product placement espicially in the loft is ridiculous. Tom seems out for blood in all the challenges and doesnt seem to offer the constructive criticism as in seasons past. I still think Fabio should refer to himself in the 3rd person and then the show could be watchable :)

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-01-15T18:44:49Z 2009-01-15T18:44:49Z Who is this little English Gargoyle Tony? Never heard such a profoundly weak metaphor skill set. If they want a resident whiner, let them go completely over the top, yank this guy, and get Gilbert Gottfried.

By: Jasmine Jasmine 2009-01-15T16:05:40Z 2009-01-15T16:05:40Z I was glad to see Hung return for the Quickfire challenge, esp. with those canned items - the looks the chefs’ faces when they were revealed were just hilarious to see.

Still can’t tell if Stefan wants to kill Jaime or make out with her. And then I remember I don’t really care so much.

Is it just me or Leah and Hosea totally throw Ariane under the bus? True, she gave them some help. Why tenderize baby lamb?

Betty was totally scary in the (*gag*) Diet Dr. Pepper dessert break. Scarier than the prospect of using Diet Dr. Pepper in a dessert? Not sure about that, though.

As for Toby’s awful analogies and puns, I think he’s been keeping them for years, scribbling them in a series of notebooks and just waiting for an opportunity to use them.

By: E L E L 2009-01-15T15:51:59Z 2009-01-15T15:51:59Z I agree. This season’s group is really weak. The creme brulee did appear to be scrambled and the judges didn’t even say anything about it. And Toby Young is a vapid moron.

But I don’t think last night’s utterly lame quickfire was about product placement. If you noticed, they obscured most of the labels.

Oh, and you missed #3.

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2009-01-15T13:27:29Z 2009-01-15T13:27:29Z It’s finally time for the show’s production geniuses to take desperate measures………. consult with Judd Apatow. Perhaps he can extract the substance out of this meaningless, tasteless [sic] crap…or at least provide the illusion of same.

By: jesse jesse 2009-01-15T08:07:18Z 2009-01-15T08:07:18Z i totally agree that this show has gone completely comercial they should call it top who screws up the least the food takes back seat to drama and bad attempts to be funny by food critics wish i was on this show to show these chumps a thing or two….. terrible