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Comments on: Resolutions for a Culinary Revolution All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Food Blog Carnival: Cabbage, Chocolate, and Coconut (Pancakes) | Food & Think Food Blog Carnival: Cabbage, Chocolate, and Coconut (Pancakes) | Food & Think 2009-02-06T16:17:43Z 2009-02-06T16:17:43Z [...] Peeves: Hungry Magazine’s Michael Nagrant offers his top-10 gripes for the trendy-eatery set. It’s bitter, refreshing, and funny, kind of like the [...]

By: Anonymous Anonymous 2009-01-13T16:24:25Z 2009-01-13T16:24:25Z “tired and overworked and having drunk too much bourbon or ingested too much garlic (I’m mildly allergic) on a Pat-Bruno-worthy Italian red-sauce bender,”

Great analogy! Made me laugh. That guy really does love Italian-american style food.

And to commentor “Cinnamon”: yes, I agree, I am tired of fanciful, overdone cocktails, made by a bartender who gets confused when I say: “could you please just stir my martini instead of shaking it?”

By: T Comp T Comp 2009-01-12T02:16:31Z 2009-01-12T02:16:31Z I completely agree. A great read as always and if your ever mailing it in it sure doesn’t show. It’s amazing, in my experiences, how entrenched and unabated these trends are throughout this Country. Not making any promises though to steer away from the pork belly, as it is still better than the organic quail egg disasters I’ve encountered.

By: Cinnamon Cinnamon 2009-01-10T06:56:14Z 2009-01-10T06:56:14Z I mostly agree as well. Sweetbreads are scary to many so they should still continue to be explored. But there are plenty of other things that I’d like to see get pushed. Rocky Mountain Oysters for instance. Not holding my breath though. And I’d prefer a well-mixed gin and tonic over a poorly made 10-ingredient cocktail.

By: Cynthia Cynthia 2009-01-10T04:19:02Z 2009-01-10T04:19:02Z Good list — spot on and, as usual, cleverly written.

I myself don’t mind a little repetition, especially if it’s good repetition (I never tire of seared foie gras), just don’t pose as being new.

As for MM’s comment on salt cod — can you just call it morue or bacalao, and not tell them that means salt cod? Salt cod is a massively important ingredient, historically and currently, on both sides of the Atlantic. People are missing so much by ignoring it. But I guess that’s the whole trick, isn’t it — educating people.

By: mark mendez mark mendez 2009-01-09T23:18:40Z 2009-01-09T23:18:40Z I absolutely agree with everything except sweetbreads, i love them. i have been guilty of a few of these and reading this made me laugh, i”m tired of the same old stuff too. I must say sometimes it’s difficult to change things when people don’t respond to your kidney special. Believe it or not sweetbreads and pork belly are still a hard sell outside of a very few restaurants so it is important to keep exposing different people ( not just foodies) to organ meats. If it ever got to the point of being as ubiquitous as fried calamari well then maybe we should move on. I’ve tried to push salt cod as enthusiastically as i have pork belly only to looks of disgust or ” i don’t eat that”. The vast majority of people are scared of these things, ( i don’t get it) so i think even though as people in the food business we may get tired or feel “over” certain things it’s important to show people of all kinds how wonderful and delicious this stuff is.What I am tired of is some kid who worked for Trotter for two months getting his own executive chef job and trying to be “down” with sustainable this and local that, but has no idea how to actually cook or run a kitchen.

By: pants pants 2009-01-09T21:10:30Z 2009-01-09T21:10:30Z Meh.


By: ab ab 2009-01-09T18:05:12Z 2009-01-09T18:05:12Z Agree with most of these. However, lay off the sweetbreads dude! I’d love for every restaurant to try a version.

And, chalkboards are fantastic, if the restaurant is truly doing some interesting, DAILY specials depending on what they’re getting in fresh.

Nothing is worse than an ethnic cuisine upscaled poorly. I think we should call it “Vonging” after Vong’s Ass Thai Kitchen.