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Comments on: Loafin’ Around All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: E L E L 2009-01-05T16:46:49Z 2009-01-05T16:46:49Z wow, the reviews and blog entries about this place just do not end. what a buzz they’ve created.

am I the only one who just doesn’t get it? I’m sorry but while I like meatloaf, like mashed potatoes, and like cupcakes, this stuff just doesn’t appeal to me. in fact, it seems kind of disgusting. especially given the prices.

kudos to the owner for thinking up the concept–it’s certainly generated a lot of interest. but i will pass.

By: anonymous anonymous 2009-01-05T07:03:53Z 2009-01-05T07:03:53Z chicago is truly the king of hokey, overdone and ridiculous restaurant concepts. we are always the last major city to get on the band wagon with concepts. remember the cigar bar craze? everyone’s doing sushi craze? the small plates or tapas craze? now the noodle bar craze? can’t we just have solid dining? or at least more groundbreaking chefs like grant achatz or michael carlson? chicago is truly the second city. yawn to all of the mediocre concept that will probably surface with this economy…