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Comments on: Top Chef: Killer Cleavage Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Mike G Mike G 2008-12-12T15:33:09Z 2008-12-12T15:33:09Z “4 - You couldn’t pay me enough to subject my own marriage, bridal shower, or any important event to the whims of a reality television cooking show.”

Well, either Gail only has friends who work at Food & Wine, or this was really “Hey, everybody in the office, free lunch from Top Chef!”

Funny, I was thinking Karate Kid too, but mainly because I see Stefan being groomed to be Martin Kove in the finale.

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2008-12-12T12:55:50Z 2008-12-12T12:55:50Z Great news folks……..!!

Top Chef will be available in a print format at your grocery checkout aisle soon…………………where it sadly belongs.

By: Eddie Lakin Eddie Lakin 2008-12-12T03:28:23Z 2008-12-12T03:28:23Z That was one of the lamest episodes ever. Gail Simmons should *not* be on that show, and that episode was just a Gail love-fest.

That said, I enjoyed the quickfire taste-off and thought it was a good way of evaluating a Chef’s palate.

Great blog, by the way. Been listening to your podcasts for years. Keep it up.

By: Hoogieats Hoogieats 2008-12-12T01:57:34Z 2008-12-12T01:57:34Z a couple of observations:
1) cleavage is vital if you are a “special marketing asst.” which Gail happens to be (not a food editor or writer of any sort)

2) Hooty-Hoo!!?? Carla is fantastically out to lunch and delivers some delicious crazy talk every week without fail!

3) Uh-oh…..Hosea And Leah..”really close friends” who accidently slipped and fell on each others genitals!

4) who care if she’s making indian, that was the only dish that made me hungry.

By: John Bubala John Bubala 2008-12-12T00:21:45Z 2008-12-12T00:21:45Z Wax on, wax off…

Simplicity stills rules.
They should have listened to Stefan about their train wreck of an idea.