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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Dancing with Rocco Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Jasmine Jasmine 2008-12-05T16:52:55Z 2008-12-05T16:52:55Z The food this week was not so memorable. Except for the German half of Milli Fusilli serving his amuse-bouche in an egg with the top cut off. Also, that gadget? I want one for Christmas.

Also, post QF, when the bottom chefs were talking about how much they, well, sucked, did anyone notice that Alex’s use of the phrase “p*ssied out” did not get beeped? Is Bravo trying to be all HBO now?

I think I preferred the QF to the elimination challenge. Like you said, this isn’t “Top Rachael Ray”, and the elimination challenge didn’t do much to show me anything new about the contestant’s skills.

Also, I thought it was pretty funny when Fabio questioned Rocco’s “Italian-ness”.

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2008-12-05T14:03:49Z 2008-12-05T14:03:49Z Sari…….., but there’s way too much Padma……gorgeous, nice cookbook, but all the poses, high boots, etc are a pleasant, but major distraction. Every time she enters the frame I fear we’re about to go shopping.