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Comments on: 30 Seconds on Top Chef: Foo Fighters Edition All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: Jasmine Jasmine 2008-12-03T17:30:38Z 2008-12-03T17:30:38Z My comments from last week’s episode (just in time for this week):

1. If the whole culinary genius thing falls through, Grant Achatz could probably find work as an Ethan Hawke impersonator.

2. I tweeted? twittered? quite a bit during this particular episode. Andrew from season 4 of TC took over the @BravoTopChef account on Twitter, and he was pretty fast and furious with his comments.

3. At some point, ousted chef Richard said “hottie gay bear icon” in a voiceover while the screen showed judge Tom walking in slow-motion. Whoever edited/directed that particular sequence is a genius.

4. Cheftestant Cala = Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob? I’m sorry, that’s kind mean, but you see it, right?

5. Richard’s s’mores failed to give me a s’more-gasm. I was ’smore-gas-bored. Yay food puns!

6. An IM comment from my brother, who is also a TC fan: “i got all hot and bothered when padma says cougar and sexy pants”

By: Barry Strum Barry Strum 2008-11-28T19:34:05Z 2008-11-28T19:34:05Z OK, I get it. This show really has little to do with food. Should it? The production brains seem to think no, so who am I to question success…though I remain incredulous over the James Beard Award ?

Having said that…..are the famed Foo Fighters known for their food acumen in addition to their music? They strike me as a group that listened to lots of The Who……a band I find much better…but after all, that’s My Generation. As for their food sense….the producers pretty well masked that with the “on the road for Thanksgiving” angle.

So, moving along, when did Smores enter the culinary pantheon? Sure, if you try something, at least take your best shot. The whole foam/spit riff was terribly adolescent.

Why are competitors, most of whom list credible restaurant/catering positions across the country be taken to the veritable woodshed over some pretty basic food sins? Even Sarah Palin seems to have been better vetted.

Methinks the casting director has pretty well got his/her competitors’ group in place: The ego-maniac/narcissist Euro-creep, the gay contingent (soft/tough sampler), the burned out Long Island or New Jersey chef seeking redemption (heightened by the two near death eliminations and the not so low- keyed message from the judges that he/she has that crucial one last chance), the nervy big city kid (typically named something like Lance Blumenthal, who moved out after living at home with his mother for the past 25 yrs), the culinary klutz/savant- some guy who lacked the manual dexterity to be an audio-visual monitor in high school, but somehow got into culinary work and now toils at some nameless place on Long Island….the current player in that role is cooking in Babylon, L.I………what a great exile!!. We usually round this out with a salting of seemingly spoiled brats who think that acting like Paris Hilton will get them a position in a Hilton, an inner city success story that you continually want to root for, and lastly, the lone follower and graduate of the Ayn Rand Culinary Institute, who won’t compromise on principles, even if ludicrous ones at that.

Lastly, we have “the Judges Panel”. Grant Achatz, this past episode’s guest judge, arguably the reigning superstar in our food galaxy, shows up dressed like he stopped by to ask which grease trap needed to be cleaned? When you’ve got a simply gorgeous cookbook, a reservations list several months long , four figure dining checks, and an earned reputation as a culinary Picasso, the production crew doesn’t need to have you show up looking like one of the Beaver’s friends.

Sadly, what commentary he did offer was so low keyed that it was overwhelmed by the by now, preachy, berating, melodrama script that seems to accompany every episode.

Can’t wait for next week’s installment !!