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Comments on: Consider the Oyster All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: joebuddy joebuddy 2008-10-28T17:09:19Z 2008-10-28T17:09:19Z Stanley’s Market has the best prices on good, fresh produce. Also good bread and pitas.

Love that place.

1558 N Elston Ave, Chicago
(773) 276-8050

By: ab ab 2008-10-22T15:37:49Z 2008-10-22T15:37:49Z A couple others to keep in mind…

Gareeb Nawaz
2032 W Devon Ave

Incredible deals on Pakistani-cabbie fare.

And a 1/4 Chicken Dark meal at Harold’s is still only $3.99…

By: JT JT 2008-10-22T15:01:18Z 2008-10-22T15:01:18Z For #3 I’d recommend the Mexican grocery store on Blue Island and 18th, and add - Try some of those cuts of meat you aren’t too sure what to do with. With the internet at your disposal there is almost nothing you can’t learn to make tasty.

Also, why pay $5 a loaf for fncy gormet bread, you can make your own at home - just as good for less than $1 worth of ingredients. Don’t know how, start with the 2006 internet phenom “No knead bread”

By: John Bubala John Bubala 2008-10-21T15:52:29Z 2008-10-21T15:52:29Z Sounds like a great weekend journey on the train with the kids. I’ll save the Pappy for home and watch Bourdain cook on the line again.