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Comments on: First Bite:Steve’s Deli All Things Tasty 2010-10-23T00:04:25Z WordPress By: David Lewis David Lewis 2008-10-23T02:12:13Z 2008-10-23T02:12:13Z Hi Ms. Dahl.
Yeah, “Detroit”, in this case… is old Oak Park/current West Bloomberg. And, in answer to your questions: Yes… Probably… and Probably not.

Boesky’s– a legend.
Stage– Original on 9 Mile was also a classic. (But I always liked Katz’s better!)
The current incarnation on Orchard Lake Road is a worthy successor.
Star– King’s of The Shiva Trays!

Steve’s hasn’t reached that level… here or there. Perhaps someday…

By: Anonymous Anonymous 2008-10-22T18:10:39Z 2008-10-22T18:10:39Z Like Stage? the old Boesky’s, Star? Which one?

Now the real need…

a real coney.

By: Les Vogt Les Vogt 2008-10-19T16:25:10Z 2008-10-19T16:25:10Z I had a very long wait to be seated and get my so-so food. Even for this neighborhood, $9.50 for a small corned beef sandwich on “supermarket” rye bread was too much. A small dish of slaw was $.95 and I don’t want fries for four for $3.75. My friend described his pastrami as tough and fatty. At least they serve breakfast all hours but it’s too slow to sit there on a work day. So far I’m not a fan.

By: Anonymous Anonymous http://BarryI.Strum 2008-10-18T21:47:02Z 2008-10-18T21:47:02Z Vernor’s…….among the great things to be found in the Midwest……ginger ale with attitude.

Nice piece. Will try next time I’m in Chicago…………but I’m at a total loss in the suburbs…….but I do have access to my two family guides…the intrepid Burkis.

By: janet dahl janet dahl 2008-10-18T21:34:13Z 2008-10-18T21:34:13Z Detroit style deli really translates to Oak Park/West Bloomfield. And it all translates to good.

Mish mosh soup?
Can you ask for extra fat?
Will they glower if you request mayo?

By: EricB32 EricB32 2008-10-17T00:54:11Z 2008-10-17T00:54:11Z Well, where is it??