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Candied Cockscomb

At Hungry Magazine, we believe the only way to properly honor the sacrifice of an animal (outside of being vegetarian or vegan) is to consume the whole animal. With this in mind, we are very proud to present a “Back of the House” project photo-essay on Incanto Restaurant’s 4th Annual “Head to Tail” Dinner in San Francisco from photographer Michael Harlan Turkell. If you prefer video to static images, check the video that follows below.

A Note from Michael Harlan Turkell:

Restaurateur Mark Pastore and Executive Chef Chris Consentino of Incanto Restaurant, in San Francisco, serve offal meats in an effort to not only cut back on overall waste, but to cast off the notion that these once deemed “low-cuts” are inedible. Artfully using rustic Italian cooking methods and sourcing the freshest local ingredients Northern California has to offer, Cosentino draws inspiration from the likes of Fergus Henderson, chef at St. JOHN in London, and author of The Whole Beast, with the hope of bringing the same waste-not mentality back across the pond. Rather than allowing his patrons to think that it’s daring to eat lamb fries (testicles), Cosentino aims to convince them that offal ought not be discarded as refuse, but should take its place as highly regarded sustainable fare.

The Menu

Amuse bouche of duck fat fried rabbit ear with carrot aioli and chervil

Salad of crispy sweetbreads & warm beef tendon with chilli & mint

Terrina of lamb tongue & fries (testicles) with lamb’s tongue lettuce &
pickled grapes

Fish maw with chickpeas & agretti

Pork tripe, beans & blood cooked in vescica (bladder) with creamy polenta

Candied cockscomb with cherries & rice pudding

To see more of Michael Harlan Turkell’s images, check out here and here.

2 Comments on "Blood, Sweat, & Tripe"

Barry Strum

What, no elephant ear on bagel??

Anthony A

While I am intrigued by all those nasty bits, the menu seems a little overpowering on the pallete to say the least. But my props to Chris Cosentino, he is one ballsy chef and overall I think he is fighting the good fight.


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